SuperKid Tai Chi Class - at Princeton YMCA

New session starting in the Fall!
Class description: Introducing children to the skills of mindful relaxation through the fun, action, and discipline of the martial arts. Join us as we explore what is possible when we know our own inner strength!
Location: Room TBD,
59 Paul Robeson Pl, Princeton, NJ 08540 (See on Google Map)
Other notes - Ages 8-12 recommended. No previous experience necessary.

The Martial Art Way, The Mindful Way

Have you ever wondered what it would take to do your best?

Tai Chi is a practice for being the best warrior you can be. A long time ago, people needed to be self-reliant and know how to defend themselves. With Tai Chi, people found ways of overcoming challenges even when the odds were against them. That is why Tai Chi is called an internal martial art. Tai Chi masters learned to develop true inner strength in body and mind.

With SuperKid Tai Chi, young students get to join in this long tradition and be hero-warriors in training for whatever challenges they want to take on in life. Tales from the SuperKid StoryBook motivate mindfulness practices as a series of martial art adventures and scientific discoveries. Students then apply the skills of mindful relaxation (or wuwei) to the traditional Chen-Style Tai Chi form and kicks. The class also includes games and activities for balance, coordination, and braveheartedness. For safety, SuperKids will use a hand-fan as their sword.

SuperKid Tai Chi students develop confidence in themselves and what they can do. They know that doing your best is a journey and an adventure of discovery.

SuperKid Brochure (PDF)

SuperKid Tai Chi flyer (PDF)

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