Tai Chi, Meditation, & Performance Coaching
for the whole family

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and health exercise based on Taoist philosophy. The practice of Tai Chi form is a "moving meditation" that facilitates greater mindful-awareness and relaxation, resulting in improved resilience, responsiveness, and effective action.

The Wuwei Princeton Family Studio offers classes for adults and children in Tai Chi and mindfulness meditation.

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Tai Chi & Stress: Why join us at the Wuwei Princeton Family Studio?

     1. Stress hurts health and well-being.

     2. Stress limits performance.

     3. Trying to get rid of stress is another stress!

     4. We need effective ways to journey away from stress toward relaxation and comfort-in-action.

     5. Starting this journey sooner rather than later is a good idea (but it is never too late).

     6. When we go together, we go further.

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