Tai Chi, Meditation & Performance Coaching
for the whole family


Wuwei Princeton Academy (for SuperKids!)  

  • an integrated curriculum in Tai Chi and mindfulness meditation
  • for students in grades K - 6 and their families
  • with a choice of after-school classes 4 days a week
  • located in downtown Princeton, New Jersey

 Cartoon by SuperKid Tai Chi Student (age 9)

Cartoon by SuperKid Tai Chi Student (age 9)


We began Tai Chi lessons with Mackenzie just over a year ago. In that time, my children have developed an invaluable sense of self-assurance and compassion.
                —SuperKid Parent

We see a huge difference in my son since he started Tai Chi. His teachers in school have noticed how much more focused he has become.
                —SuperKid Parent

My daughter seems to have a new sense of ownership, confidence, and responsibility that did not exist before.
                —SuperKid Parent


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"Tai Chi can calm you down. When you are sad to happy. And there is a lot of Tai Chi. It can make you a Tai Chi warrior."

- SuperKid Tai Chi Student (age 6)