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Tai Chi Cubs - Ages 4 - 6

Noodle! Wiggle! Crouch, bounce - bend, swing, and roll your way toward mindfulness, relaxation, responsiveness, and doing your best.


The SuperKid Game - Beginner

In the SuperKid Game, students develop self-awareness and efficient coordination of the "core" muscles of the body. This is crucial preparation for the martial art of Tai Chi and for optimal performance in any physical activity.     More>>


SuperKid Tai Chi I - Beginner        

Introducing children to the skills of mindful relaxation through the fun, action, and discipline of the martial arts. Join us as we explore what is possible when we know our own inner strength!    More>>


SuperKid Tai Chi II      

The study and practice of the 46-move Wuwei Fan Form, as "sword junior" preparation. Accompanied by tales from Hero-Warrior in Training, Book II: Zhuan and the Old Master on Taoist philosophy and optimal action.


SuperKid Tai Chi III     

Chen-style Barehand form intensive. Practice of three form "paragraphs" as moving meditation. Accompanied by tales from Hero-Warrior in Training, Book III: Searching for Whole on mindfulness, stress-reduction, and higher performance.


The SuperKid Game - Tuishou

Tuishou, or Tai Chi Pushing/Sensing Hands form and practice, has trained warriors in awareness and responsiveness for hundreds of years. Through the experience of Tuishou, children can discover for themselves the power of meditation -- they can see the results!

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The SuperKid Game - Being Your Best

Practice of resilience, responsiveness, and better info (awareness + understanding) for better action. Includes Tai Chi form, Tuishou, guided sitting meditation, qigong breathing with heart-rate biofeedback. Culminates in our Being Your Best Summit where SuperKids can ask top performers about their mental preparation.

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1-on-1 WonderKid Private Lessons

Private Lessons in Tai Chi and mindfulness for more advanced students. 



Private Lessons

Private Lessons at the Wuwei Princeton Family Studio

Students are encouraged to make the most of the available group and semi-private lessons. Special priority is given to Family Tai Chi sessions with current students. Adult students may be interested to inquire about coaching sessions in "pre-Tai Chi," advanced Tai Chi forms, and stress-reduction from the philosophical Taoist/Tai Chi tradition.      More>>